Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 Down, 2 To Go

I just got back from chemo treatment and so far, so good. Jim had the stomach flu today, so I was on my own. Seems we are developing a habit of someone being sick on chemo days, so I hope we can break this cycle. After today, I should only have 2 left. All of my "counts" were good, so I must be doing ok at staying well. It is hard because I've been feeling very good, so it is hard to avoid going out. I missed a school event this week, but as that is probably where Jim picked his bug up, I'm glad I didn't go. A friend from the Lake dropped me off at the cancer center this morning and then my sister came by this afternoon to take me home. Thank goodness for friends and sisters! I can always call Megan at the last minute in an emergency, and she is there. She even sent chicken noodle soup home for Jim. As usual we have someone bring a meal in tonight, so I don't need to worry about what to feed the rest of the group.

As part of my chemo drugs, I get a steroid and benadryl to combat the nausea. It is VERY interesting to be sleepy from the benadryl and wound up from the steroids at the same time. And it will make it very hard to sleep tonight.

Well, just as my hair has come in, it is falling out again. I think it just started today. No one can seem to agree on what color it is, but there is lots of blond. Thankfully, my head isn't hurting yet. I hope my scalp has adjusted to the hair coming and going and won't give me any trouble.

Kuddos to the kids for really pitching in today while Jim is sick. Miles even got the dogs walked before school.

It is 50 degrees here, so I hope everyone is having a spectacular day!


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  1. Bummer about the hair as you looked very "hip" on Saturday while dining at Yard House. You know, we could have gotten you that glass of wine free if you would have spoken up and told the waitress it was your birthday!! Plus (which is a bigger darn deal than the whole free drink thing) . . . there would have been a birthday dessert in which Kelly and I would have been more that happy to assist you in eating. Sorry we forgot it was your special day. We will celebrate at the French Bistro next time. Hope you day was a special one!!