Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gearing up for #3

The sun is out, and I feel great this morning. It seems like I've been a little more sluggish since the last treatment, but who knows it could have been the torrents of rain and cold weather. Its been enough to depress anyone.

Tomorrow is my 3rd chemo treatment and after the last time, I'm dreading it a little. Because I got so sick from treatment #2, my team has a new medicine plan for me to prevent a repeat of my ER visit. I'll take my current meds 1st thing in the morning and then they have a new medicine which I'll take when I arrive at the infusion room (aka the IV Farm) and then take for a few days afterwards. They will also add an additional drug to the IV drip I get. Hopefully, all of this will prevent me from getting so sick again. I am thankful they are able to treat the nausea so aggressively now. I can only imagine how miserable chemo was when you got sick with every treatment.

I will also see my oncologist, Dr. Neubauer, tomorrow. I always get a little anxious when I see the docs because there is the possibility of getting bad news. When all of this first started, I was very scared they would just tell me to go home - that there was nothing they could do for me. Of course they didn't and have been very optimistic. But, there is always that lingering doubt. I'm hoping though he will have only good things to say!

By the way, I'm being treated at the Kansas City Cancer Center and it is a wonderful facility. Everyone from the folks on the front desk to the pharmacy have been phenomenal. The doctors and nurses are kind and very responsive. I really feel like everyone is devoted to making me well, and I'm not just a 15 minute appointment slot.

Hair Update: I still have some, but not a lot. Jim thought the initial short cut was cute, but now he says it looks more like a style you'd see in a prison camp. Luckily my head is feeling much better now. Before it was like someone was stabbing my head with a straw broom, especially when I wore anything on my head or had to lie down. I was shedding so much, I finally started using a lint brush to brush my hair. I realize this might sound odd, but it didn't hurt near as much as taking a hairbrush to my head and did a much better job!

Have a spectacular day!



  1. There is a saying that when the future seems overwhelming just remember that it comes only one moment at a time. With tomorrow's chemo, you just take one moment at a time and know that the really tough moments are limited in number.

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow.


  2. It sounds like you are keeping your chin up. Swing by and see us when you feel up to it.

  3. Hi Monique,

    I saw Jim at swim team last night. I have been praying for you throughout the day as you go through your third treatment. Please know you are thought of so very often. I miss seeing you at the pool so come by even just for a few minutes if you feel like it. All of the Paganos are cheering for you, Jim, Amelia, Miles and Michael. Colleen