Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm sure they missed me!

Well no visits to the ER for me last night. And thank goodness, because according to news reports they are filled with sick people and possible H1N1 victims. And that's the last thing Jim or I need!

So Jim and I went in yesterday morning and first met with Dr. Neubauer who I hadn't seen for several weeks. He reiterated that the scan they had done showed no cancer had spread and he used the term for what I have as "localized aggressive breast cancer". He said it is very black and white - either they cure the cancer now or I live with incurable cancer. But as he put it, I'm hitting the ceiling for opportunity to a cure and could very well live to be 80 and die of something else. He also said that the tumor appears to be shrinking. Always skeptical (or paranoid) I asked "really? Or are you just saying that to be nice to me?" He replied that although he is a nice guy, he is also honest, so that yes indeed, he believes the tumor is getting smaller. So very good news. That would keep us on track for one more chemo treatment in 2 weeks and then be scheduled for surgery.

The chemo treatment itself wasn't too bad. I had lots of "pre medications" to make me comfortable, so I practically slept through the whole thing. I think I get by pretty easy because including the premeds and the chemo drugs the whole treatment only lasts about an hour and a half. I just got off the phone with a friend who had 8 hours once a week. Ugh! So I'm very lucky indeed. I did start feeling pretty poorly last evening, but a after a nap, sprite and a few crackers felt much better and got a good nights sleep. Today, I just feel like a big loopy slug. Lots of couch sitting and snoozing.

I go in this afternoon for my follow up shot to increase my white blood cell count. I always get this shot the day after chemo treatments. The chemo treatments can really lower your white blood count and thus, make you much more susceptible to infection. Also, if your count goes too low that can cause a delay in getting your next chemo treatment which would be bad thing. Again, all this seems to be working because my counts are staying high.

Now if I can just keep the wind from blowing my wig off!



  1. Excellent, excellent news!

    Thank you for posting right away. I was wondering all night last night how you were feeling but didn't want to call in case it was one of 15 calls.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween and a restful, happy weekend.


  2. Very good news indeed! Sorry I haven't been getting on IM much, but didn't know if you're feeling up to it anyway. Damn work getting in the way. ;)

    Best wishes for continued good news. Take care.


  3. Thanks again for the update Monique. I have your blog come up every morning for me when I load Firefox and I love to see new posts. Keep it up lady :)