Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last One for Now!

I am gearing up for my last chemo treatment in this round tomorrow. Well, actually I'm kind of dreading it, but it is the last and I've made it through 3, so I'll get through this one too. And then a break! I'm hoping I'll have my surgery before Christmas. I'll be able to check on what the schedule is tomorrow when I see Carrie, Dr. Neubauer's assistant.

Of course because it is the day before chemo, I'm feeling good. I'm still really tired and have also been having trouble sleeping, but no nausea and I can read again. I'm going to ask for a different sleeping pill tomorrow, so hopefully that will help with the sleep. I wake up several times a night and then wake up at 4 and frequently can't go back to sleep. I'm sure it is the drugs because my mind just starts racing and can't relax and I can't get back to sleep. Luckily, its not your typical lying awake worrying, it is just whatever my mind seems to latch onto - even a book or article I've read. Its kind of hard to explain, but very annoying.

The only other thing that has been happening to me this week is my face has been very sensitive. My nose frequently feels kind of numb, sort of like I've had Novocain and it is wearing off. Then my skin feels windburned. Evidently, this is kind of normal because just like any chemical you put in your body, part of it evaporates out through your skin. I think I would prefer if it was alcohol from a night of drinking good wine rather than chemo chemicals though!

I hope you're having a spectacular day and if you are in KC, enjoying the weather!



  1. Three down and only one to go for now. You are making progress!!!

    We will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending out positive thoughts/good vibes.

    Nancy, Elene, Peter, and Lena

  2. Good luck today! I'm sending the positive energy your way!

  3. I saw a story on thermographys today for detection. Seemed like an interesting alternative.


  4. WooHoo!!! The last chemo treatment. That is awesome. You have been a real trooper throughout this whole ordeal. If there is such a favorite part of this whole thing (and KG would agree), it was watching the wig lady put that stocking cap on your head making you look like you were going to knock off the Quick Trip down the street when we were through selecting your new doo. You are an inspiration to all and I'm soooooo glad that Phase I of the treatment is coming to an end.