Saturday, November 7, 2009

Squirrel Monitor - New Career?

I was up with the squirrels this morning. Our neighbors to the north live in a large 2 story nest perched at the top of the tallest tree in the woods. I ‘d never actually seen them enter and exit their home as they are usually already running all over the trees by the time I notice them. I had thought they were a fairly dysfunctional family because they spend their day chasing and yelling at each other, but they looked pretty happy together this morning. I just hope they are gathering a few nuts for winter along the way.

Then the boys and I took the dogs for a walk and let Jim sleep in. A peaceful morning to be out and about at the lake.

Since I feel pretty good this morning, I’m trying to embrace the new me, which for now appears to be an early morning person. Once I get through the post chemo funk days, I feel great when I wake up in the morning. In fact its kind of weird, I’ve never been a morning person and now I start out wide awake and ready to get jump out of bed by 6:00 am or so. I’m even up before Miles who is our early riser. I’ll just have to see where this goes.

We got some good news this week on our second medical front – Michael’s broken arm. He has nearly regained all flexibility in his elbow. And even better is making huge progress in regaining the use of his fingers. The docs had said all along that the nerves would come back and sure enough it is finally happening. He is now able to make a fist and move his thumb quite a bit. The coldness in his fingers is now only above the top knuckle on his pointer finger. He has been on high blood pressure and anti seizure medicine for several months now to manage the pain for the nerve damage. This pill cocktail kind of scares me, so I’m really anxious to get him well and off of this medicine. He is down to one PT session a week, so hopefully we can get this wrapped up by Christmas.

Well, I’m gonna go back and monitor the squirrels. I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!



  1. We are not have a spectacular weekend here but we are coping.

    Lena is sick - fever, sore throat, headache, body aches, chills. Since the seasonal flu is not supposed to arrive until winter and we all got the seasonal flu shot over a month ago, I am assuming that it is the H1N1 virus which is widespread around here and in the schools.

    So, I am a "Swine Monitor" today.

    That is excellent news about Michael's recovery.

    Hope you feel good throughout the weekend and keep enjoying the many cool things around the lake. You do live in such a beautiful spot!


  2. I think Thursday is your 4th and final round of chemo for this cycle. How are you feeling? Thinking of you and looking forward to the next post.