Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ok, I'm going high tech and adding pictures to the blog. Well, a picture at least. My hair had been starting to grow back and we had ONE 50 degree day, so Amelia and I dashed outside to snap a few pics. She took this one of me with all of my new hair. I was really so proud! :) But, alas it is now back to prison camp chic. The hair has been falling out now for over a week and has gotten spotty patches. Although its not quite as uncomfortable as last time, it bothers me to have a hat or wig on. So I spend the day putting my hat on because my head is cold and then taking it off because my head is itchy. And again, it feels like some invisible munchkin is continuely pressing a whisk broom to me head.

And while the hair loss is familiar, I've developed a new side effect. The tingly hands, otherwise known as peripheral neuropathy. Carrie had warned me about this. At times it just feels like my hands are severely chapped. Then it progresses to a tingling sensation very similar to when your arm has gone to sleep, and then it feels like pin pricks as you move it to get the blood flowing. It is not agonizing pain, but very uncomfortable. Sitting down and remaining very calm seems to be the only thing that helps. I am taking a supplement (can't remember the name) that is also supposed to help with this and the joint pain.

I'm off this morning for my 3rd chemo treatment. After this I'll only have 1 more. I'll also meet with my oncologist, so we'll see what he has to say.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we are finally having. And if good weather hasn't reached you yet - it will be there soon!



  1. We had an off-site team meeting yesterday. I showed your pic to Kelly and Ez. Good to see you! Yeah for the warm-up. We are busting out the grill here at Hedge today.